Director Message

Thank you very much for visiting the website of Navodya Pvt. ITI. This website will give you necessary information about the institute. Our aim is to serve as per the industry requirement by more and more industry association. Upgrading our training infrastructure is the foremost priority to ensure that our trainees are industry ready. We have already established a very strong industries linkage to ensure quality training and gainful employment in selected sector, however much more to be done.
Our Trainees are our future. We want our young Trainees to have best learning experience to progress in their chosen careers, become highly employable and proven asset to the society.

I have privilege to lead oldest  and reputed institute, which is the first choice for admission for the candidate. I am very proud of what we do and happy that my team is making the difference in the lives of our Trainees and society. We keep on improving our training system; achieve more with our immense performing capabilities.  

(Dr. Rajendra Prasad Yadav)

Principal Message

Dear Student

Thank you for taking interest in Navodya Pvt ITI Alwar Rajasthan. Whether you are considering a new career or adding to your present abilities, ITI stands ready to help you with the important step you are about to take.Indian Business and industry needs skilled technical workers. Our Nation must have a well-trained workplace in order to compete in the world market in the 21st century. 

(Reeta Sharma)